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About Signing Village Workshop

New Generation of Culture and Technology

The founder, Dr. Fanghuai Ku, is a CODA and formed Signing Village Workshop in 2021. SVW is committed to creating a new generation of culture and technology, combining Taiwan Sign Language with technology and innovative thinking, and implementing it in the field of education. We hope to introduce the Deaf Education experience of USA to Taiwan, provide digital learning, cultural exchange services, and online sign language teaching. Through us, learners can obtain the golden key of knowledge without borders and be open to the trend of combining technology and culture.

Sign Language


The Signing Village Workshop provides a variety of digital services for an enterprise, a group or an individual.


Meet The Team


​Yili Lin

  • EdD in Deaf Education Deaf Studies, Lamar University, Texas, USA

  • ​Xinyi Foundation Kindergarten Teacher ​

  • Texas Governor School Teacher

  • Bilingual Teaching and Theory Expert

  • Shared Reading

  • Emergent Literacy​​


Fanghuai Ku

  • EdD in Deaf Education Deaf Studies,Lamar University, Texas, USA

  • ASL Consultant of "Spend a night @Taiwan's Presidential Building"Project

  • Consultant of " Seek the World " ASL Travel Channel

  • Bilingual Teaching and Theory Expert

  • TSL and ASL Learning Website

  • TSL Game Website ​

  • TSL and ASL Teaching

  • Deaf-Friendly Environment Consultant ​​


​Yushan Ku

  • The first principal of Taipei Deaf Theatre

  • Former President of the National Association for the Deaf

  • Golden Eagle Award Winner

  • Taiwan Cultural Collaboration Medal

  • Taiwan's first Deaf lecturer at universities

  • Children's Sign Language Teaching

  • Sign Language Interpretation Teaching


Our Project

Taiwan Sign Language On-line Learning

Professional Deaf/hearing instructors lead you to learn TSL! ​ Friendly access for Beginners!


Multilingual Learning Website

MaxASL plus is a language learning website for individuals and groups. In addition to Taiwan Sign Language and American Sign Language, there are also written Chinese, spoken Chinese, written English, and spoken English to meet the needs of multilingual learning generations.

MaxASL App

MaxASL App is the predecessor of MaxASL Plus. This ASL Story App is specially designed for American Sign Language learners.


Kupa TSL Academy

The godfather of ​TSL, Mr. Kupa, uses fun and interesting videos to introduce and explain the TSL, grammar structure, TSL history, Deaf culture ...etc.


TSL Adventure Game

This is a website that combines learning and games. Through the game, everyone can learn and understand the basic Taiwan sign language and Deaf Culture.


Our Partners



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